We offer a range of consultancy services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sustainable design. We also offer a host of Building Information Modelling Services, across all building disciplines for the local and offshore market and we pride ourselves on being sympathetic to all engineering, interior design and architectural disciplines as well as owner & operator requirements.

Plus brings a team of people with specialist knowledge in their fields of expertise to add value to all stages of the construction process from preliminary investigation, feasibility studies to design & supervision of construction works. Our Design Engineering and BIM experience seeks to take advantage of a modern workforce where neither geographical location or schedule requirements are problematic as the team use the most modern engineering tools available to produce documents in a flexible and efficient manner.

“Build it twice, once virtually” Ian Hardcastle, Lang O’Rourke 

Plus is a company committed to using only the latest digital design techniques for your architectural, engineering and construction projects. Our digital models offer cost effective methods for testing design options prior to any construction. The benefits of digital design are well documented in literature,

  • Up to 40% elimination of unbudgeted change.
  • Cost estimation accuracy within 3% as compared to traditional estimates.
  • Up to 80% reduction in time taken to generate a cost estimate.
  • Up to 10% saving of the contract value through (just) clash detections.
  • Up to 7% reduction in project time. (CIFE, Stanford University (2007)

We understand the owner’s requirements and our digital solutions deliver complete designs that are sympathetic to architectural aspirations and competing objectives of all engineering disciplines. We bring deep functional expertise and are known for our ability to deliver results to clients with open and clear communication throughout the process.








Marc Snell


In establishing Plus I’m looking to build a flexible and efficient design and engineering service that combines years of experience in the construction industry with the latest technologies in Building Information Modelling. I have successfully worked in Australia, Asia and Europe delivering large scale projects in a range of sectors including, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Education, Retail, Mixed-Use and Hospitality. Completed undergraduate Engineering Degree at the University of Melbourne, Australia, followed by a Masters in Property & Construction. And more recently completed a Masters of Business Administration at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

reasons to choose plus

latest technology

Plus uses the latest software to coordinate designs and ensure great outcomes on-site. Our staff are continually working to upskill keeping pace with all trends in the current digital revolution.

international experience

Our staff have great experience working for clients that expect international standards to be applied to locally and also delivering projects aboard with excellent results.

seamless collaboration

Communication is at the heart of any successful project and all English-speaking team are here to you deliver your important project. We believe regular communication with the client and stakeholders is essential for exceptional results.


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