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Plus is a company committed to using only the latest digital design techniques for your architectural, engineering and construction projects. Our digital models offer cost effective methods for testing design options prior to any construction.



Architectural modelling & rendering
Structural modelling
MEPF modelling
As-built drawings
Shop drawings
Clash detection & reporting
Quantity take off



Fire Protection systems
Plumbing systems
Air-Conditioning systems
Mechanical Vent systems
Cold / Hot Water systems
Compressed Air systems
Natural Gas & LPG systems



Infrastructure modelling and analysis
High and low voltage infrastructure systems
Transformer plant and major reticulation systems
Power systems
General and specialist lighting
Vertical Transportation
Extra Low Voltage Systems



Renewable Energy
LEED Ratings
Early Stage Energy Modelling
Full Energy Modelling
Green Building Ratings
Daylighting Studies
Thermal Comfort Analysis



Early Works Studies
PV Module layout and Electrical System design
Structural Design of Solar Mounting Systems
Project Management from feasibility to Close-out



Due Diligence
Project Feasibility
Design Management
Owner’s Engineer
Construction Monitoring


Hotels & Resorts

The building can be designed to suit the requirements of any level from budget accommodation to luxury 5 Star. Owner and Operator requirements will be at the heart of the design to ensure a successful project outcome for all stakeholders.

Office Buildings

New or refurbished office buildings can be tailored to suit the market requirements from affordable office space to premium serviced buildings that include the latest technologies and sustainable design features.

Office Fitouts

Office Fitouts will include a base building analysis to ensure the clients aspirations can be achieved by the building they are moving into. Then the design will be will be expedited in timely fashion to ensure the clients schedule is met within budget constraints.


We have experience in a full range of Residential buildings from affordable housing up to luxury villas and apartment towers that incorporate the latest in smart home technology.

Data Centres

This fast-moving sector of the industry creates a fascinating challenge to engineers, to create both resilient and energy efficient designs. We have experience from small owner operated sites to large scale co-location facilities.


Education facilities are designed to be a comfortable, cost effective, learning environment for students to enjoy. We are experienced in design from early childhood learning up to international standard large-scale university campus facilities.


Fire protection systems are key to logistics facilities to ensure protection of both life and property. Plus can design fire protection systems to both in local an international codes as required.


Ensuring speed of constructability is paramount industrial clients allowing them to produce on time. Fire safety is also critical in these facilities and Plus will ensure strict adherence to both local and international codes as the situation requires.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are designed with flexibility in mind to allow the centre to respond to the market trends, allowing a variety of tenants to use the facility and allow change to occur almost constantly through the lifecycle of the building with little disruption of operation.


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